Jersey Local History Fayre 2016

I am looking forward to speaking at the Jersey Local History Fayre at St Helier Town Library on Saturday 23 January at 10.30am. I will be reading an extract from Jersey: The Hidden Histories, focusing on the visit of Charlie Chaplin to the Island in 1912. Then I will share some insights into the creative process and the significance of Jersey’s rich and immersive history.

Jersey proved to be a crucial turning point in Chaplin’s life. It marks the moment when he was captured on film for the very first time. As I write in Jersey: The Hidden Histories:

The Battle of Flowers changed everything. Chaplin looked at once for a chance to break into the intoxicating and fledgling world of celluloid film. First, the vistas of an American vaudeville tour beckoned. Within eighteen months of wowing the crowd at the Jersey Opera House, the cloudburst of fame broke open. The West Coast producer Mack Sennett watched the acclaimed Mumming Birds show, smelt raw talent, and immediately signed Chaplin up to Keystone Pictures. Soon the horizons of California unfurled in an endless paradise of orange groves and ocean blue and shimmering sunshine…

Jersey Opera H